Let SunnyDays be your partner in your financial planning journey

Having an expert to navigate you through policies and processes makes all the difference and ensures you have exactly what you need to enjoy all-round peace of mind.

No more call centres. Only a personalised service.

Sunnydays.insure looks after the needs of both individuals, business owners and companies in need of appropriate cover and expert advice. No more call centres. Only a personalised service. 

Features & Benefits

Life Cover

Life Cover is not about enrichment, it is about providing when the breadwinner of your family is no longer there to provide an income. 

Medical Aid

Live life with assurance and peace of mind knowing that if something happens you have access to a private facility and professional medical aid.

GAP Cover

Let go of your fear of not being able to cover your medical expenses in full. Now you can feel secure in knowing you don’t have to foot large amounts in medical bills.

Pension and Provident Fund

Partner with someone who can actively manage your corporate funds for your employees so that it grows and that both you and the employees have the best benefits from a risk perspective.


Are you thinking of saving money while making money at the same time? An Investment policy ensures you do both and you can choose from Growth Investments, Shares, Property, Bonds and Cash.

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